Extreme shallow-water fishing excursions!

The west-central coastline of Florida is relatively shallow compared with the coastlines of most of Florida. Boats have been designed to run the areas of water that range from 2-4 feet deep. However, there are parts of our coastline that are inaccessible to today’s “flats boats” — areas that can only be accessed by extreme shallow running boats.

Way in the backcountry, there are pockets, holes, and creeks that that are completely inaccessible to even the most expensive flats boat. Fish live here in complete peace, thinking that nobody can come catch them. But, they are WRONG!

We have a boat that will literally run in mud. We can go where few, if any, local guides can go and that gives us the ability to wear fish out that other guides could only wish to get to.

Join us on a fishing adventure that is free from crowded “community” fishing and experience an extreme shallow water fishing adventure that will be sure to impress and amaze you.


Check out some pics of this adventure!

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